Advice on Writing Your Own Wedding Ceremony Vows

Preparing Wedding Vows

photoThe ceremony for the wedding is important, as it declares that the two individuals are finally bonded, married and a husband and wife. A wedding ceremony comes in different ways depending on the traditions that the couple observes. Civil wedding ceremonies are much simpler and quicker than wedding ceremonies held in chapels and churches. Usually, the couples’ exchange of wedding vows makes the ceremony longer but more personalized.

It is often recommended for the couple to prepare their own wedding vows. A well-planned wedding vow can bring each other’s personalities out during the ceremony. Surely, it is going to be engaging and you will find guests laughing or crying as the two read their vows.

Daunting as it may seem, but it is actually easy to express your love by writing a draft first. Here’s an advice on you can effortlessly write your wedding ceremony vow for your partner.

  1. Have some alone time to write your wedding vows. Other couples share their wedding vows with each other before the wedding, but it really helps to separate from one another when preparing your vows. Both of you can reflect on your own vows without the influence of the other. Thus, it makes your wedding vows more personal and interesting.
  2. Search for an inspiration because it will be really difficult to find the words to come up a romantic wedding vow. If your brain’s not really functioning, you can always scour books and read your favorite poems. Try also reading samples of wedding vows and you might just find the right words that describe how you feel for your partner.
  3. Ask questions and answer. The best way to start your wedding vow is list down questions to excavate your feelings. Why have you chosen him/her to be your spouse? What are the qualities that made you love him/her? Maybe you will have two or three words to answer these questions, but try to reflect on your answers and you can come up with a beautiful vow.
  4. Promises are made to be broken, maybe, but it is the best time to pledge on the things you want to quit doing. Make sure that the promise you will keep is not just because of wedding vows sake, but for you and your partner’s relationship. For instance, you were caught texting to your ex before while in your relationship, you can pledge to avoid falling in the same trap again.
  5. Procrastination must be avoided. If you are taking your wedding planning seriously, start writing your wedding vows two months prior to your wedding day. This gives you enough time to have it checked and to modify for errors or for other terms to use.

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