Comfort Foods That You Definitely Can Serve on Your Wedding Day

Serving Comfort Foods on Your Wedding?

All About WeddingDo you know what is making a trend nowadays when it comes to wedding food? Don’t be surprised if you attend a wedding with comfort foods being served! Definitely because they are easy to prepare and very comforting to consume.

Fried chicken – Who can hate fried chicken when it is all crispy and juicy? Fried chicken is probably one of the top comfort food that everyone could enjoy. If you serve this, you will be surprised how many kids and adults will be happy. Fried chicken is also a savory partner to beer.

Pizza – A cheesy pizza is for sure a big hit on your wedding. Give yourselves a break and make room for a slice. You can also have it served in different flavors so that your guests will have options.

Chocolate – Definitely a heavenly comfort food, chocolate is a real good stress reliever. That is why you should have a chocolate station on your wedding complete with chocolate fountain, fruits, and pretzels.

Doughnuts – Give in to your sweet cravings by having playful and decorative doughnuts served on your wedding. You can also give your guests the chance to design their own doughnuts.

S’mores – Having a s’mores station on your wedding is enough to make your guests feel more at home. Plus, all you need are marshmallows, grahams, and someone that can assist them with the burners.

Biscuits – Biscuits are perfect match to almost any beverage. Be it coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drink. They are also very inexpensive and the crowd’s, especially the seniors, all-time favorite.

Ice cream – Indulge yourself and your guests with a sweet frozen treat that melts deliciously in the mouth. If you are planning to have a summer wedding, ice cream is certainly a good comfort food for your guests to fight the heat. You can also add milkshakes and other refreshing beverages and desserts.

Burgers, hot dogs, and french fries – This may sound all cholesterol to you but it is hard to find someone that hates these favorite American foods. If you are planning to have a brunch wedding, al meaty with veggies burgers and hot dogs can add fun to your backyard wedding.

Pies – Pies are actually good replacement to wedding cakes. Plus, you can have them in different flavors. From pecan, strawberry, peach, to any filling you want, this c

Tacos – Add a bit of spie and Mexican on your wedding through delicious tacos. Have a taco bar and for sure, your guests will love designing their own tacos with their chosen ingredients.

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