Groomsmen Etiquette – How to Be the Best Groomsman

Wedding Etiquette for Groomsmen

Groomsmen who show up early at the wedding venue and behaving well are considered the best. Well that’s probably years ago, because today, it goes beyond that to be the best groomsman. If the bride has bridesmaids, the groom has his groomsmen to assist him in preparing for the wedding ceremony and stand up beside him when getting hitched.

All About WeddingIf you have ever served as a groomsman or a best man in a wedding before, you probably know already what to do and what not to do. But if it is your first time for your sister’s or brother’s wedding, then you better be prepared. Remember this wedding etiquette for groomsmen.

Before the big day, the groomsmen are expected to help the groom in preparing for the wedding. From picking out a tuxedo or a suit to choosing the ideal accessories to complete his look, it is the groomsmen’s duties.

When it comes to the tux or suit to use, you need to ask the groom if he will shoulder the expenses or not. However, it is typically the groomsmen who pay for their own suits and accessories. Thus, you need to come prepared with cash. Don’t assume that the groom-to-be will pay for everything for the wedding. Unless of course the groom and the bride are rich and generous, you definitely are saved from buying your own suit and accessories.

During the bachelor party, the best man, the groomsmen and other male members of the wedding party are expected to attend. An important reminder for the groomsmen to remember is to drink moderately, and not to pressure the groom in drinking a lot. If you all get carried away, it will not turn out well and everyone ends up passing out or vomit the next day. You know who won’t be really happy if that happens – the bride.

On the wedding day, the groomsmen, along with the bridesmaids, serve as ushers and escorts. This usually happens if there are no ushers. This means leading the guests to their seats. Other requests that the bride and the groom will ask for the groomsmen to do include, escorting the other members of the wedding party like their grandmothers, dancing with the bridesmaids at the reception.

Not all the members of the wedding party are requested to give their wedding speeches. Once the best man and the parents of the couple are done, you can request to give yours. Make sure your wedding speech does not have snarky comments about marriage or getting married.

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