Ideas on How to Upsell Your Personal Wedding photography Service in Austin, TX

Conquering The Marketing Strategy for Wedding Photography

If you are new to marketing you should bear in mind that there is a huge difference between commercial and personal photography. Commercial photography may cover different niches in photography but in personal, photographers offer family, graduation and wedding photography services. Wedding photography upsell in Austin, TX can be successful if you understand and master a specific style. This will lead you to potential clients who are looking for the same service.

Market analysis is very important. This is the process in which you analyze who and which group of people can be potential customer. Basically, you need to undergo different socialization offline and online to identify appropriate clientele that most likely to be interested in hiring you for your service. You should not just rely on the internet while searching for wedding photographers in Austin.

It is crucial to be clear about particular service you offer. If you are into wedding photography, you should stick to this niche. Being in wide array of niche can cause a lot of confusion to the customers whether or not you are capable in specializing wedding photographs.


Bear in mind that good communication skills is very essential to get clients. It is crucial that you deliver your services in words and convince a potential client to grab your service. Choose the words correctly. Whatever words that may come out from your mouth may affect the decision of the potential clientele. Good communication skills are also important when dealing with mail and email campaign. You should be creative in advertising your service. Though, hiring an agency to do this for you but you will save a couple of dollars if your will do it all by yourself.

Classic advertisement is still “IN”, the viva voce or word of mouth is still powerful tool to advertise your service. It is ideal to cover your friend’s wedding; in this case you will meet different people. You can mingle with them and do a little tête-à-tête and hand them what you are capable of. Passing information through mouth from one another can cause a huge impact to your wedding photography business. For more reference, you can look for more Austin wedding photographers in any bridal sites directory.

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